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Nov 17, 2013 8:00pm EST
. you can't keep doing that again and again. you can do it once or twice. but he loved telling and using stories and i don't -- on for the right conversation. i think that he -- his work didn't lie. it was incredibly moving in the deep. so, there's something in this book that i think -- i don't know if anyone will even notice it. i will say critically as he wrote a famous essay it became kind of emblematic of the disregard for the mainstream culture and in researching this i read the papers and he had originally written the piece for the saturday evening post they killed it. they killed the peace because at that time -- this gets complicated but at the time he was a staff writer at the new yorker and he criticized the magazine and the editor said you have to include the new yorker if you are going to criticize all these magazines. he said i'm just not. so they have a lot of letters coming back-and-forth because everybody knows about this. it's just ridiculous. so at that point he wanted to be paid and they said no so there is a big fight over that. then he goes back and rewrites the peac
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1